Security in Practice

Securing your investment


Cyber attacks are a real threat to a private practice; we read about data breaches on a daily basis. Data breaches can prove very costly for a private practice both financially and the Doctor’s reputation. Information systems are the largest investment that a private practice will make, yet it is the least protected. In today’s environment protecting information systems and its data is critical.

Practices should stop looking at HIPAA as a regulation and start looking at HIPAA as a guide to create and develop a security management plan to protect their information system

Course Objectives
  • Gain an understanding of current cyber threats.
  • Discover how to use HIPAA as a guide to protect data.
  • Develop a plan to protect against cyber threats.
  • What to do if there is an attack.

With over 20 years of leadership experience in the dental industry, Deborah Carr has built a strong foundation in the areas of consulting and training. Her areas of expertise include twenty-eight years of executing safety and security measures in the information systems and technology realms of the healthcare field.

The ever-changing and expanding arena of HIPAA Privacy and Security policies has been an integral part of Mrs. Carr’s success, which has included identifying, implementing, and managing all policies and procedures in this area to include business continuity and disaster planning. As an integral part of the securities consulting team, Mrs. Carr has conducted Risk Analysis to meet HIPAA HITECH requirements.

Mrs. Carr is certified as a Healthcare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner, Certified Associate Health Information & Management Systems, and a HIPAA Certified Professional

CE Provider: 50-16992