Thwart Cyberattacks, Recover Data, Strengthen Systems

The Security and Training Your Private Practice Can’t Live Without

Are you one of the nearly 86% of office-based dentists or physicians who use electronic health records to file and store patient health information?

You’re paperless: good for you! But did you know that a cyberattack could ruin your business and your reputation? Recovering from that can be expensive beyond your wildest dreams.

According to a report from the American Journal of Managed Care, “Hospitals spend 64 percent more annually on advertising after a breach.” (

Why risk it? DK Carr and Associates is here to protect your private practice and prevent cybercriminals from exploiting your vulnerabilities and ruining your reputation. Call (844) 352-2771, now!

Cybersecurity and Compliance Services Include:

  • HIPAA Compliance/ Creating a Safe Harbor (HITECH Compliance & Consulting Services)
  • Staff and Team Cyber Training
  • Comprehensive Security Risk And Gap Analysis
  • Penetration Testing
  • Data-Breach Prevention & Security
  • Macra Security Attestation
  • Cyber-Incident Response

HIPAA Hitech Compliance And Consulting Services

Are You Audit Ready?

Along with the incredible convenience of electronic records, comes incredible responsibility and ever-evolving danger. And with HIPAA laws changing and expanding, you are under increased pressure to keep your patients’ protected health information (PHI) safe.

DK Carr and Associates can help your small, private medical or dental practice:

  • Increase your understanding of HIPAA
  • Get a clear vision of
  • Map your data as it moves through your practice
  • Discover possible data breaches and detect where assets need to be secured
  • Prioritize your security efforts
  • Create and document a user-friendly HIPAA compliance policies and procedures program

Isn’t it time for your practice to save time and avoid HIPAA violation fines and complications? Call (844) 352-2771 today!

Team Cyber Training

Security Starts from the Inside

One of the most important cybersecurity measures is training—and nearly ¼ of all healthcare workers have not received the proper training. ​​That’s right: one in four medical and dental office team members don’t know how to keep protected health information safe! Do yours?

Even the smallest mistake can leave your practice and your Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) vulnerable when security breaches in the healthcare sector are at their highest. DK Carr and Associates will help you create a culture of security—and make it easy, fun, and practical.

Comprehensive Security Risk And Gap Analysis

Don’t assume... Know!

Is your practice cybersecurity up to par? You guess so, but how can you possibly know?

We all know what assumptions do… But in the case of security structures and controls, guessing and assuming puts you and your patients at risk.

DK Carr and Associates’ security analysis:

  • Performs detailed comparisons of your practices with industry best practices
  • Identifies weaknesses, highlights your vulnerabilities, and determines gaps
  • Evaluates your staff
  • Provides you with a customized action plan
  • Guides you through implementing correct structure and controls

Close all the gaps in your practice security by calling (844) 352-2771!

Penetration Testing

X-Ray Your Greatest IT Vulnerabilities

So you have your security tools in place. Your firewalls are up. Your team has a security checklist to follow. No hacker can get to your electronic files—you hope. The only real way to know for sure is to put your system through its paces with penetration testing, also known as pentesting or “ethical hacking.”

During these tests, your DK Carr and Associate professionals launch a controlled, simulated cyberattack. In other words, we attempt to hack your system before the bad players do. We then create a detailed plan to improve your reaction capabilities, protect your information systems, implement defensive strategies, and ensure that you are HIPAA HITECH compliant in every way. Don’t let an operating system breach ruin your day. Call (844) 352-2771 for pentesting tailored to your private practice.

Incident Response / Breach Response

Failure is Not an Option

A security breach can feel very overwhelming. Over the next few hours and days, there will be a frenzy of activity and decisions to make. Don’t try to do it alone. DK and Associates has helped practices just like yours go from panic to peace in even the most unfortunate security situations.

A member of our team will be your IR Lead and will be with you every step of the process as we navigate between insurance companies, law enforcement, and forensics while adhering to federal and state regulations.

Our response steps include:

  • Containment—Containing the damage while preserving evidence.
  • IR Team—Collaborating with the FBI. We report directly to the FBI.
  • Eradication —Making sure that the threat has been completely removed
  • Restoration— Getting your infrastructure back in place
  • Incident Review
  • Reporting
  • Recovering

We know that this is a stressful time, and our goal is to hold your hand, ease the turmoil, answer your questions, and help you recover as quickly as possible.